Commitment Statement

Starsky Fine Foods Inc. is dedicated to ensuring equal access and inclusion for individuals with disabilities. Our commitment is centered on treating people with disabilities in a manner that upholds their dignity and independence.

We strongly advocate for integration and pledge to address the needs of individuals with disabilities promptly. This involves the removal and prevention of accessibility barriers, aligning with Ontario’s accessibility laws.

Starsky Fine Foods Inc. is resolute in fulfilling its ongoing obligations under the Ontario Human Rights Code, emphasizing a commitment to non-discrimination.

We recognize that obligations under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) and its accessibility standards do not replace or limit our responsibilities under the Ontario Human Rights Code or any other laws pertaining to individuals with disabilities.

Starsky Fine Foods is devoted to delivering excellence in goods and services to all customers, including those with disabilities. Our accessible customer service policies reflect the principles of independence, dignity, integration, and equal opportunity for people with disabilities.


We are dedicated to training all staff in accessible customer service, Ontario’s accessibility standards, and relevant aspects of the Ontario Human Rights Code concerning persons with disabilities. This includes training individuals involved in policy development and service providers.

Employee training is tailored to their specific roles and covers:

The purpose of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, and the Customer Service Standards requirements.

Our policies are related to the Customer Service Standards.

Interaction and communication with individuals with various disabilities.

Engagement with individuals using assistive devices or requiring the assistance of a service animal.

Procedures to follow if a person with a disability encounters difficulty accessing our goods and services.

Training will be provided promptly after hiring, with additional sessions as policies evolve, and records of the training will be maintained.

Assistive Devices

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to use their personal assistive devices when accessing our goods and services. STARSKY FINE FOODS allows the use and possession of personal assistive devices by individuals with disabilities.

In cases where company-owned assistive devices are available, department staff will be informed and trained in their use. Assistance with these devices will be provided upon request.


Employees of STARSKY FINE FOODS will communicate with individuals with disabilities in a manner that takes their disability into account.

Service Animals & Support Persons

Persons with disabilities may be accompanied by a support person into all STARSKY FINE FOODS’ stores. Additionally, individuals with disabilities are allowed to bring guide dogs or other service animals into STARSKY FINE FOODS’ stores unless otherwise excluded by law.

Notice of Temporary Disruption

While the operation of services and facilities is crucial, temporary disruptions may occur. STARSKY FINE FOODS will make reasonable efforts to provide notice of disruptions, including reasons, anticipated duration, and alternative facilities or services.

Feedback Process

Customers wishing to provide feedback on goods and services for individuals with disabilities at STARSKY FINE FOODS can complete a Customer Feedback Form or email The Human Resources Manager will handle all feedback, ensuring a response within 30 days.

Document Requirements

Customers will be informed that documentation related to the Customer Service Standards is available upon request and will be provided in a format accommodating their disability.